Terrible RF performance on Sodaq One

I’m interested to hear how others are finding the range of the Sodaq One, I have the v3 board (2 of) and compared to other devices (mainly Adeunis FTD & Pycom FiPy) it’s just not working reliably. Any signal coming from Sodaq is at least 25db poorer than the Adeunis and when trying to use it for any sort of motion tracking above walking pace it fails to reach the gateway at all. I’ve tried at all SF values with no change, I know it’s a low power device etc but I didn’t expect it to be this poor.

If anyone could shine some light on what I might be doing wrong I’d be very greatful.

Hi @wrm,

Thanks for your feedback.
I would also like to know how other customers experience the antenna performance.

This is a very big difference and sounds really bad.

You have the v3 board.

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Hi Jan,

I’m using the RN2483 variant with firmware 1.0.5 and the Molex antenna that came with the module. I’ve tried others with varying results (which makes me wonder if it’s actually the antenna causing the issue) but the best so far has been a piece of wire that I’ve trimmed to 8.6cm. Perhaps the RN2483 is providing as much power as it’s advertising?

I’m open to suggestions, device is definitely more stable when static.

Hi @wrm,

Thanks for the info.

I know that the molex will perform less when it’s not attached inside a casing.
Did you do the comparison with the molex attached inside a casing?

When we did a comparison without a casing, just a wire, like the anaren antenna we sell performs as one of the best.

In short:
no casing, we recommend the anaren antenna.
casing, we recommend sticking the molex inside the casing.

Hope this helps.
Let me know the outcome of the tests with just a wire.

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I’m currently testing it outside a casing, perhaps that could be the reason. I’ll try the wire antenna in your link and let you know how I get on.

Out of interest, what LoRa settings would you recommend for a One in a moving vehicle? I know Doppler effect can impair the reception of packets but I assume there is an optimal configuration to help mitigate the effect?



Hi @wrm,

I don’t know in what country you are going to use the One.
Using it in a moving vehicle is not a problem, I used the One + Wire antenna (no casing) on my motorcycle in the Netherlands using the nation wide LoRaWAN network from KPN. I had no problems with sending messages driving the allowed maximum of 130 km / h.

When I compared it to community networks like The Things Network. The amount of messages received by a gateway was much less. This has to with the fact that the community has to mount a gateway. You don’t know what kind of gateway is used, what spreadingsfactors are supported by the gateway and if the place is ideal for long range communication.

I used the tracker software we provide on GitHub. ABP, SF12, ADR=off.

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Hi @Jan,

Sorry for the delayed reply I’ve spent the past week doing some more testing. I’m UK based so we don’t currently have any providers for LoRaWAN but I’m not using the public TTN either, all the gateways in this proof of concept are private and commercial grade hardware.

I’ve repeated many tests along a stretch of road with known coverage and no matter what combination of settings I use, I can’t get anything near acceptable out of the Sodaq ONE, sometimes all I get is a transmission when static or slow moving near a gateway. As soon as I move to any other hardware the results are drastically different and a huge improvement, 20km infact.

I’ve tried to order the wire antenna from the website but it looks like there’s no stock, although I no longer think that’s the issue.

I just can’t figure out why packets from your device aren’t reaching my gateways 90% of the time. Perhaps there’s an incompatibility? Do you know what KPN use for their hardware?



I have the same experiences. Very poor receive even at a nearby gateway. Since today I have my own gateway RAK7258 even 1 street away no more reception. Gateway is inside of floor 2. For example, Gateway receives 25 messages but can only transmit 13 messages. There are no other nodes in my area :slight_smile:
Use the molex antenna stuck in a plastic housing.
I like the one nice printwork but I need more range :slight_smile: